Sonakshi Sinha Ramp Walk At Tarun Tahiliani Show

Such confidence takes courage, especially in an industry where even tiny insecurities can quickly blow up, out of control. I’ve inherited this trait from my father. I’ve seen him tackle so many situations as a person, and I’ve got it from him. Other than that, I don’t have much to not be confident about. I’m well educated, I can deliver a line, and I have more than three expressions on my face.


“I never wanted to (be an actor). I never looked like an actor, I was always overweight. My first ambition was to be a mermaid, then I wanted to be an astronaut but realised my maths was terrible and no decent science college would take me. Then I wanted to be a tennis player but I couldn’t because of my weight issues. Soon I wanted to become a fashion designer. I even got into a fashion school, was topping my class, was student of the year and thoroughly enjoying myself, but I guess destiny had other plans. As soon as I finished college I lost 30 kilos and Dabangg was offered to me. I did not want to let go of the opportunity…the rest you know.”

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